$12 Million Settlement for Negligent Amputation

By - Isaiah
27.02.24 01:06 PM

Our Settlements and Jury Verdicts

Mike went to the hospital after a bad fall, hoping to get treatment for his injured leg. Due to multiple errors, doctors misdiagnosed his condition and performed an unnecessary above-the-knee amputation. With the help of his medical malpractice attorney, Mike was awarded a near $12 million settlement for the wrongful amputation and lifelong impacts to his health and mobility.

After a fall on a construction site, Mike went to his local emergency room with a badly swollen leg. X-rays were taken but seemingly lost or ignored by medical staff. He underwent several examinations by different doctors over the next few days who all failed to properly diagnose a broken fibula that could have healed with proper casting. 

Without consent, Mike woke up to find his leg had been amputated above the knee on the grounds that it was allegedly infected and non-salvageable. A later investigation revealed the surgery was completely unwarranted and constituted medical negligence. 

Mike was just 32 at the time and now dependent on a prosthetic. He experienced severe phantom limb pain and depression due to losing his mobility and career in construction. After a 5-year legal battle, his attorney obtained a $12 million settlement for the wrongful amputation, largest of its kind in the state. The funds will help support Mike's lifelong medical and living expenses.

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