Recovering from Injuries Caused by a Drunk Driver 

By - Isaiah
27.02.24 01:30 PM

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John was driving home from work one night when his car was hit head-on by a pickup truck. The driver was intoxicated and crossed over the center line. John suffered multiple broken bones and a traumatic brain injury in the high-impact collision. After a lengthy legal battle, his car accident lawyer obtained a $2 million settlement to pay for ongoing medical care and help compensate for lost wages from permanent disabilities.


It was around 10 pm on a Friday when John's sedan was struck by an oncoming pickup. The truck driver later admitted to drinking heavily before getting behind the wheel. In the crash, John's leg was broken in two places, three ribs were fractured, and he sustained a severe traumatic brain injury. 

He spent over a month in the hospital and intensive inpatient rehab learning to walk again and recovering lost cognitive functions. Even years later, John still deals with chronic pain and some impaired memory and reasoning from the TBI. He was no longer able to work in his previous career as an engineer due to the physical and mental impacts.

John's lawyer filed a lawsuit against the drunk driver's insurance, arguing the at-fault party should be held fully responsible. It took 18 months but they ultimately achieved a $2 million settlement. This allows John to pay for any future medical care needs and compensates him for lost earning potential due to his permanent disabilities, which were caused 100% by the other driver's reckless decision to drink and drive.

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