Maximizing Compensation for Multiple Victims of Head-On Crash

By - Isaiah
27.02.24 01:03 PM

Our Settlements and Verdicts

John and his friend Mike were traveling together when their car was struck head-on by an oncoming vehicle. Both men suffered injuries that prevented them from working. Through separate legal claims, their car accident attorney obtained the $300,000 liability policy limit for John and an additional $50,000 settlement for Mike's pain and suffering.

While driving down the highway, John and Mike's car was hit head-on by a pickup truck that crossed over the median. John broke his leg and ankle, requiring multiple surgeries. Mike suffered a concussion and back injuries.

The at-fault driver's insurance policy had a $300,000 liability limit. John's attorney filed a claim on his behalf as the driver. Given John's lost wages and ongoing medical bills, the insurance paid out the full policy amount. 

However, Mike also deserved compensation for his injuries preventing him from his construction job. The lawyer pursued a separate third-party claim directly against the driver, arguing Mike was entitled to additional damages beyond the policy. They were able to negotiate a $50,000 settlement for Mike's pain and suffering.

By maximizing the available insurance and pursuing separate legal avenues, both crash victims received payouts to cover their medical costs and lost income without needing to split a single settlement amount.

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